From the desk of Bud Zborowski, Scouting for Food Chair;

All Scouting For Food(SFF) Chairs, Unit CC, Unit leaders…

SFF 2020 is SUSPENDED: The program will resume when the Northern Ridge District(NRD) resumes normal unit meeting schedules.

  1. Covid-19 precautions during March have escalated considerably making SFF people-to-people type activities inadvisable.
  2. North Fulton Community Charities(NFCC) Food Bank has issued the following statement:
    • Due to COVID-19, MOST programs and ALL volunteers including community service workers are suspended. To find out how to get food or emergency financial assistance or how to help, read the NFCC Response to COVID-19 for details.
    • Debido a COVID-19, la mayoría de los programas y TODOS los voluntarios, incluyendo los trabajadores de servicios comunitarios, están suspendidos. Para saber cómo obtener alimentos o asistencia financiera de emergencia o cómo ayudar, lea la Respuesta a COVID-19 de NFCC para más detalles.
  3. If your unit has completed the program pleases turn in the roster. We will arrange getting the earned patches distributed.
  4. If your unit hasn’t started or completed the SFF program, be patient, SFF activities will resume when normal NRD unit meetings resume.
  5. The Good News…All 2020 SFF scout participants will receive SFF patches.

Hunker-Down… be safe, be prepared.


Bud Z.