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District Committee Job Descriptions:

District Key Three Leaders:








The Council Professional assigned to the District. The District Executive is your special Scouting friend and counselor, the full-time Scouting professional in the District. He or she is employed by the Council and reports to the Council Scout Executive. The District Executive is the only Scouter in the District other than Commissioners who wears the wreath of service in their badge of office. You can expect your District Executive to:

  • Provide professional coaching
  • Propose unit service plans for your consideration
  • Give inspiration and encouragement
  • Maintain regular contact with the heads of your chartered organizations
  • Provide vital behind-the-scenes administrative skills
  • Work with and support volunteers
District Committee leadership includes the District Chairman, one or more Vice Chairmen, and Chairmen for the Membership Committee, Finance Committee, and Program function. The Program function includes tasks to be performed related to Training, Advancement/Recognition, Camp Promotion/Outdoor, and Activities/Civic Service. The District Chairman also appoints special and ad hoc committees. The District Commissioner provides communication with the Commissioner Staff and the condition of all Scout Units.








  • Identify and recruit operating committee chairs
  • Initiate plans and help committee chairs recruit their committee members
  • Plan, with the DE, and preside over District Committee meetings
  • Work with the District Commissioner and DE to stimulate and coordinate the work of the district.
  • With the DE, ensure the completion of district goals
  • Represent the District on the Council Executive Board, once elected
  • Recognize individuals, committees, and chartered organizations for their accomplishments
  • Support local and national Scouting policies, procedures, and practices
  • Help secure support for Scouting from top community leaders throughout the District
  • Track and attain goals for District’s achievement items
  • Annually appoint a District Nominating Committee to select nominees for District Officers and Members at large

  • Recruit Commissioners so that all Scouting Units in the District receive regular, helpful service including:
    • Assistant District Commissioners
    • Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
    • Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
    • Venturing Roundtable Commissioner
    • Unit Commissioners – enough to serve no more than three Units each
  • Train members of the Commissioner Staff
    • Provide Commissioner Basic training
    • Conduct orientation/personal coaching
    • Guide Commissioners toward Arrowhead Honor and Scouter’s Key
    • Promote continuing education for Commissioners
  • Supervise and motivate UC’s to visit each Unit regularly, identify Unit needs, and make plans to meet Unit needs
  • Administer the annual Commissioner service plan, which gives specific purposes for Commissioner contact with Units at designated times of the year
  • Oversee the Unit charter renewal plan so that each Unit reregisters on time with optimum membership
  • Guide Roundtable Commissioners to ensure that monthly Roundtables are well-attended, and provide practical and exciting Unit program ideas
  • Plan and preside at monthly meetings of the District Commissioner Staff
  • Work with the District Chairman and DE to stimulate and coordinate the work of the District
  • Help meet the District goals
  • Represent the District as a member of the Council Commissioner Cabinet
  • Support local and national Scouting policy, procedures, and practices
  • Attend District Committee meetings to report on conditions of Units and to secure specialized help for Units

District Vice Chairman:

  • Responsible to the District Chair
  • Recruit the Activities, Advancement & Recognition, Camp Promotion, Civic Service, Outdoor, and Training Committee Chairs
  • Ensure District operating committee chairs and committee members are trained to carry out the functions of the District
  • Help District operating committee chairs recruit members of their committees
  • Plan (with the DE) the District’s annual program planning conference and program review meeting
  • Coordinate with operating committee chairs the District’s annual program calendar
  • In cooperation with the DE, set goals for the District program committees, track their progress, and ensure the completion of those goals
  • Recognize individuals and committees for their Scouting accomplishments
  • Support local and national Scouting policies, procedures, and practices
  • Encourage the District’s role to attain public support of Scouting

  • Responsible to the District Chair
  • Ensure implementation of Council finance policies
  • Serve as member of Council Finance Committee if so stated in Council bylaws
  • Recruit and train Finance Committee on tasks provided by Council Finance Committee
  • Ensure the acquisition of funds for the Council budget
  • Maintain a cooperative relationship with the United Way
  • Implement the Friends of Scouting (FOS) Campaign
  • Develop prospects and retain the interests of contributors
  • Support the Council Popcorn Program and other “project selling” programs
  • Support the Council Endowment development
  • Inform Units of Unit Finance Policy
  • Review Units’ funding project applications
  • Achieve District share of Council finance campaigns
  • Support District activities that involve income and expenses, assuring proper policy and control

  • Responsible to the District Chair
  • Maintain open communications with the Council Membership/Relationships Chair
  • Establish year-round plan and objectives for Unit and membership growth
  • Track and attain membership growth objectives
  • Recruit and train new-Unit organizers
  • Work with District Commissioner and District Training team to provide new Units with training
  • Plan and conduct youth and chartered organization surveys
  • Cultivate relationships with potential chartered organizations and community groups
  • Organize new Packs, Troops, Crews, Teams, and Posts
  • Analyze District level membership figures for all programs
  • Be sure a new Unit is under the care of a Commissioner before the organizer leaves
  • Conduct membership events in the District:
    • Roundup plans
    • Together plan
    • Relationships conference
  • Track and attain membership growth objectives


  • Responsible to the District Chair
  • Develop and implement a plan for activities in the District
  • Ensure activities remain in accordance with National policy
  • Recruit and orient District Activities Committee
  • Support and strengthen Units by ensuring visability and balance of District activities
  • Promote and conduct displays and skill events:
    • Booth shows
    • Camporees
    • First aid contests
    • Swim meets
    • Window displays
    • Shopping mall shows
  • Plan, promote, and conduct special Scouting Anniversary Week activities
  • Coordinate activities at the District annual meeting and Scouters’ recognition dinner
  • Implement Council activities
  • Conduct an annual poll of Unit leaders to determine Unit needs and wishes for District activities

District Committee Positions:

Advancement & Recognition Chair:

  • Reports to the Vice Chair
  • Stimulate advancement and recognition of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Crews, Teams, and Posts
  • Ensure advancement and recognition remain in accordance with National Council’s requirements and procedures
  • Recruit and orient District Advancement Committee
  • Establish advancement goals for District’s Units
  • Develop a plan to achieve District advancement goals, and track goal attainment
  • Assist Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews: evaluate progress as required
  • Provide the Council with recommendations of youth and adults qualifying for special recognition
  • Coach Troop leaders in methods for conducting Boards of Review and Courts of Honor
  • Give special assistance to Units with poor advancement progress
  • Recruit and train an adequate group of Merit Badge Counselors for the District
  • Produce and maintain a Merit Badge Counselor Directory
  • Recommend Unit and District Scouters for special District and Council recognition (Meritorious, Silver Beaver, etc)
  • Implement Council advancement and recognition program
  • Review and approve Eagle Scout service project plans
  • Participate in or conduct Eagle Scout Boards of Review

Camp Promotions Chair:

  • Reports to the Vice Chair
  • Recruit and orient District Civic Service Committee
  • Develop and implement a plan for civic service projects in the District
  • Recruit and guide Civic Service Committee
  • Ensure Good Turn ideas through Unit participation in civic service and community activities
  • Promote proper uniforming at special activities
  • Implement Council civic service programs
  • Promote program visibility in the community
  • Support Scouting For Food, Spring Cleanup, Camp Work Days, and other Good Turn For America activities

Outdoor Chair:

  • Reports to the Vice Chair
  • Develop annual schedule of projects and events; including Camporees, Klondike, etc
  • Recruit and orient District Outdoor Committee
  • Implement the Council outdoor promotion plan
  • Assist Unit committees in understanding and implementing their outdoor program
  • Assist Council Committee with outdoor program facilities
  • Give guidance on health and safety concerns
  • Track and attain outdoor objectives
  • Understand each Unit’s outdoor record
  • Work with Commissioners to help Units plan a year-round schedule of outdoor program events

Training Chair

  • Reports to the Vice Chair
  • Establish District training objectives to train leaders, not just run training courses
  • Participate in Council Training Committee meetings dealing with training policies, program, and procedures
  • Recruit and orient Training Committee members and Course Instructors
  • Prepare an inventory of all leaders who need training
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate an annual District training program based on training inventory
  • Evaluate and report on training progress
  • Maintain Unit and District training records
  • Offer training opportunities to every Unit leader
  • Promote attendance at all training courses
  • Give special assistance to untrained Unit leaders
  • Give special attention to training new Units and new leaders in existing Units
  • Approve applications for District training recognitions
  • Support Wood Badge and Den Chief training and specialized training such as Pow Wow
  • Track and attain training objectives
  • Implement Council training program
  • Support local and national Scouting policies, procedures, and practices

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When: 1st Thursday of Each Month @ 7pm

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When: 2nd Thursday of Each Month @ 7 pm

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Roundtable Meetings

When: 3rd Thursday of Each Month @ 7:30 pm

Where: Virtual

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