Training Update

On-Line Training for Position Specific Courses

  1. On 1-Jan-2019, BSA National replaced ALL of the on-line position training modules with new training modules and new training module Course Numbers.  Leaders that had completed the entire training series for their position or had completed classroom training for their position remain trained for that position.  Incomplete training series was reset to not trained.

The new on-line position courses are In the attached file.

Please note that position training for ALL BSA Leadership positions can now be located and completed on-line at

Choose a BSA program.  Launch the training series.

NOTE: District positions such as Merit Badge Counselor, Nova Counselor, Supernova Mentor and Commissioner still require an adult BSA application to be submitted to the appropriate District team (Advancement or Commissioner).  The Northern Ridge District website has the names of the chair of these teams,

Hazardous Weather Training

NOTE: The on-line Hazardous Weather training course is now required to be considered TRAINED for the position of Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader. This 30 minute on-line Hazardous Weather course will NOT be taught in these classroom courses and should be considered a pre-requisite to any of these courses. The on-line Hazardous Weather training module is located on: